Zhong said: confidence in late April basic control outbreak! Smart devices help epidemic prevention and control.

by:Fdata     2020-07-15
Beijing daily reported zhong: there is confidence in late April basic control outbreak! Hearing the news, everybody is in the mind of the big stone can feel fell to the ground. Have to say it's a really exciting news! Our people go out to wear a mask properly, the prevention and control of public inspection advice is introduced more intelligent device can detect outbreaks without contact, which can effectively avoid many gathered bottom line efficiency, also avoid the risk of personnel contact transmission. There have been a lot of products on the market can synchronize facial recognition access control, attendance, temperature measurement function, has been applied in the industries in the market, with 3 is hardcore. Power control and prevention, the move to high and new technology company is powerful enough. Listed on the latest intelligent face temperature measurement of the template function design, special is don't have to remove the mask to measuring temperature, equipment to identify whether there is a good wearing masks, and to remind and high temperature early warning.
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